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Each Member or School that joins the CTAA agrees to the following 

CTAA Code of Ethics: 


  • To be committed to demonstrating the highest quality service by those clients or students  that seek their professional advice

  • Be professional & empathic whilst upholding the professional status of yourself and your Complementary Therapies

  • Do not discriminate any client or student in any way

  • Have adequate insurance cover against any potential legal proceedings resulting from any situation with a client or student

  • Commit to continuous learning whilst practising as a Therapist or School to ensure your clients or students are offered the very best and up to date therapies within the Member or School’s chosen field of therapy

  • Maintain discretion & confidentiality to all clients and students at all times

  • Do not diagnose or prescribe anything outside of your legal training for which you are qualified in

  • Maintain confidential records of clients

  • Advise CTAA as soon as you stop practising or teaching within your chosen Complementary Therapy Field 

  • As a Member, agree to pay a membership fee (or subscription) as set out on the CTAA website to maintain the membership, otherwise any member without a valid membership (or subscription) will be taken off the Online Directory and their certificate, logo and membership becomes void.

  • CTAA has a refund policy that you may cancel without charge within 7 days of joining your membership and receive a full refund. Any requests for cancellation after this will not be authorised.
 The refund policy is only applicable for new members joining, any members that have an existing subscription that fail to advise CTAA that they are no longer operating or wish to cancel future subscriptions do not fall under any refund policy.


Each Member or School will receive the CTAA Code of Ethics upon joining and agree to adhere to those whilst a member of CTAA. 

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